COMMA x Reebok BB4600


at Complex Con Chicago 2019

July 20th & 21st, 2019

"The anti-hero is a role often romanticized for its most remarkable trait, relatability."


Regardless of whether the role is channeled by being or object; this extraordinary characteristic resonates due to the inherent qualities which they share with the ordinary. Through this relationship, a deep bond of familiarity is bred.


As part of Reebok's activation at ComplexCon Chicago 2019, COMMA was tapped to compose a dialogue of archival Reebok Basketball as well as design a limited-edition collection of the  Reebok BB4600. In the execution of its vision, COMMA curated 135 vintage Reebok articles.

100 of these pieces would serve as the texture to communicate Reebok’s history in both basketball and style. The remaining 35, comprised of vintage Reebok windbreakers, would be complimented by vegetan and serve as the critical component for the design. Garrixon Studio then handcrafted the elements into what is the COMMA BB4600.

Transcending the parquet, the BB4600 is a shoe synonymous with teenage rebellion and angst.  It highlights an unprecedented era of style during which high-top basketball shoes played an equally important position in style as they did on-court.

Serving as a primary inspiration, the idea of the "anti-hero" plays a central role in Reebok's lauded archival franchise, "Above The Rim”.  A product range which boasts beautifully structured typography amidst colloquialisms representing the crux of basketball culture of the period; “Above The Rim” was employed as the anchor for the curation.


COMMA x Reebok BB4600

Chicago ComplexCon 2019

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