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Ayrton Senna once said if he had to live life partially he'd rather not live at all.


Understandably so. A partial life would be the antithesis of freedom.


For some, life has been nothing but partial. No physical or seeable constraints, just an underwriting that limits and caps mobility in subtle yet sinister ways. A rage.


Freedom is mobility and the bike is the most fitting avatar.


Most can recall their first account on a bike with one of  those two sentiments if not both.


In 2020 the societal breakdown that had long been here before the pandemic thrusted itself upon those who never had to question freedom nor ever contemplated it in partiality.

Isolation and the stripping of basic liberties turned homes into prisons as outside became an exotic destination. Immobility was setting in. Another rage.


The bike for many became the hack to endure the confinement. It quickly shed it's recreational guise and became a machine of freedom to combat the rage that this new purgatorial life was offering.


The bike became a salvation.


If you fight fire with fire -then you must fight rage with rage.


-Don't Be Afraid To Rage

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